Saturday, 19 December 2009

Roasted Duck Rice 烧鸭饭 @ Restoran Megah Good Luck, PJ we are gonna talk about
Donald Duck Rice!

Anywayz, I'm more of a chicken rice person. But I never knew duck could be dat yummy until I actually ate at this very shop! And worst of all, it has been in my neighbourhood for ages...

This is only early 6pm and there is already a couple of hungry customers ready to eatmakanchi. Haihz, have to wait lor~

Eh, not too long. Ordered and it came in about 7 minutes. People loves this stall because its duck meat is almost fat-free! The meat is lean and tender. (However, don't come after 7.30pm. The quality drops and the meat is usually fatty after that)

U can add side orders such as the taufoo and black sauced egg for RM1 and RM0.80 respectively. The taufoo is exceptionally popular - sold out after 7pm! I guess because the taufoo is so SOFT & SMOOTH~ Trust me, It's Yummy!

Bdw, happy am I as the picture quality came out just as good as a DSLR! (it's an old compact camera)

Price: RM5.30 for a plate of duck rice

Jalan SS24/11, Taman Megah, (behind Fatty Crab, opposite Ming Tian)
47300 Petaling Jaya,

Operating Hours: 5.30pm-9pm

Ratings: 7.5/10


  1. OMG.... so mouth watery.
    I HATE YOU!!!

  2. waaa, it looks so yummy really, nice pics, they should have been paying you for free advertising. LOL!

  3. Donald Duck Rice~ really special this name^^

    Haha~ Yummy :p

  4. Haha.. Thx guys~ Do gif it a try... =) bet u will love it!

  5. i try before..but abit expensive lor

  6. Is the black sauced egg the 'lu dan' (in mandarin)?

    Have been longing for it...

  7. to Nikel - Nah it's considered cheap for its quality! haha
    to Ken - Yes it is lu dan! i love it

  8. aiyoyo~ can not tahan lah~

    "@__@ damn yummy leh~ now nite time n u made me hungry d :P

    bro, i got a great idea for u 2 showcase ur food.
    Add d slideshow widget that am using rite now at my Sidebar. Very convincing one lehh~ u can choose d picture set from ur collection of albums.

    cheers ya~ ^0^



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