Sunday, 13 December 2009

The Cave Couple Cafe @ ss2

The name explains itself - this restaurant exactly resemble a real cave. a REAL CAVE arr!

This restaurant is usually packed with couples; Exceptionally packed during the weekends and special occasions (especially Valentine's Day).

Nah, told u adi lor... looks like a "gua" right! It's a pretty romantic restaurant, which gives u the utmost satisfaction!

The environment is so cosy and comfortable! Aaaaa makes u just envy our ancestors whom live in caves last time.. Haihzz...

We started off by ordering a ice blnded drink called tropic in heaven (the drink looks rather sexy huh).

This is the hot n spicy sambal seafood spaghetti~ . It's a suitable meal for people who loves spicy food! (fusion of malaysian & western food)

I somewhat thinks that this shashimi sushi spaghetti is very special. It's a little spicy as well~ Yummy yummy~ (fusion of japanese & western food)

The beef burger is rather fattening coz it's pure western food! It's really cheesy - highly recommended for ppl whom are interested in gaining weight! =)

By the way it's like crazy lots of food so it's impossible to blog everything!

Price: Ranges from RM20-RM80 / person

No. 20, Jalan SS2/61, (Same row as Mc Donald & beside Taiwan Noodle)
47300 Petaling Jaya,

Contact: 03 7873 9888 / 9698 (plz book b4 coming)

Operating Hour:
11am-1am (Mon-Thu & Sun), 11am-2am (Fri & Sat)

Ratings: 6/10 - food

10/10 - environment (TRUST ME!!)

Ps: 30% off after 11pm


  1. environment sure trust you but the price a bit problem for me..

  2. Nice concept for a restaurant. I'm craving for that burger

  3. yaya..mus go wif couple still not yet in lor..haiz...u go wif xxx?

  4. seem nice..
    should give a try~~

  5. Yea it's abit pricy~~
    But every good things comes wif a "good" price too...

  6. Cool. I've always heard of the cave but nvr been there before.
    Haih, wait till i get a bf first only go lar T_T

  7. I have seen it from outside. Always wonder how is it inside... You have answered my curiosity, thanks :) Btw, does they open day time /for lunch?

  8. Yes they do open iriene! starts from 11am onwards.. if I'm not mistaken i guess they haf set lunch to... & there is 30% off after 11pm!

  9. looks delicious...
    but go there need to wear less less one gah
    cave wor

    got kelawar a not...kekekeke

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. ooo..yummy..
    i think i should there has chicken chop or not? western food eh?
    i guess i gotta wait until i have more money^^

  12. oops, sorry I hit the wrong button.
    wow, it's so authentic!
    Wish I can eat there also, btw do they serve fried dinosaur? [wink]

  13. Hhhmmm.. always pass by that place but never go in before... nice food review.

  14. wow. nice. must go when i'm bck from moscow

  15. hey...i saw this in ss2 2 weeks ago..
    didn't manage to go in though..:p
    will try it one day..

  16. seriously i fall in love with this concept
    where do u get all this information?
    i want to try my for valentine day

  17. wat a nice place. but it is not cheap, right?

  18. OMG.... so mouth watery...!!!
    I HATE YOU!!!!

  19. to Annie: =) sry haha
    to ai wei: it depends. For me, i had my meal for RM25.
    to farysa: i got all those info when i went there
    to wanah: yea u shud try it 1 day! But dun go during valentine's..cost up to RM180 for 2
    to ariff: Yea u shud go there when ur back from Moscow!
    to Me: Yea they serve chicken chop ! n all types of western food~

  20. Sashimi with something new to me and the beef burger looks messily nice....yummyy

  21. Hi Yummy~licious
    Kindly be informed that this post has been reprinted on, thanks. ^^
    P/S: We have put your name and link credit back to this article.



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