Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Restoran Mun Kee Steam Fish Head 清蒸鱼头 @ Taman Gembira

I'm sorry fish... =( Dunno y the samurai slice u like that ~

This restaurant specialise in steaming fishes. I personally blog about this shop bcoz they sell very cheap and fresh fish! Yummy lahhh~

Bdw, I don't understand why are the fishes sliced in that pattern. Probably makes the fish cook faster gua~~

Mr. Chef is preparing his lovely fishes to enter the "sauna room". WeeeeEEeee~ o.0

After all the preparation, the poor fish prepares itself to be steamed. *not stim gei aaa*

From top to bottom: Nyonya style Fish Head, Clear Steam Fish Head (清蒸), Smesh Ginger Steam (姜蓉蒸). I tried them n i guess the best is ...errr everything! haha (personal preference laa~). [Each costs RM24]

Anywayz, beside the fishes, I LOVE this salted egg fried chicken very much! It's really unique ~ *So totally* Must TRUST me wif dis guys! really TRUST ME!! It's nicer than KFC!!! it's finger licking "best"!

Bdw, I ordered a plate of kangkung belacan in addition to spice up our meal. RaWr~

Price: RM24/ fish

Restoran Mun Kee
New Happy Garden Food Court, 43-A (Gerai),
Jalan Lazat 1,
Taman Gembira, 58200 KL.

Ratings: 7/10

Tel: 016-2987876


  1. yup ur right...half.. BUT HALF is super BIG...

    i ate this meal wif 4 other ppl...n makes all of us as full as ever! =)

  2. wohoo....such good dish can found at KL d..

  3. Hahah interesting. Looks delicous to me =]]

  4. i see it, the fish is very fresh. when it is fresh then it is very delicious.

  5. To Pikey: Near Sri Petaling!

    N YES the fresh is very very fresh! n cheap!

  6. Yum Yum Yum! Just wondering why the chef sliced the head of the poor fish? But it looks delicious!

  7. The food there seems very yummy indeed. I am not much a fish head fan but I like the salted egg fried chicken. :)

  8. Food here is good, but the long wait isn't.
    Don't come here on a completely empty stomach on a busy night? hehe

  9. eh, ur pictures quality improving wei.. hahaha..

  10. btw, its smashed* ginger not smesh =)

  11. i guess the chef wants the topping of the fish to masuk ke dalam ikan

  12. ohh it's smesh i dunno y...i just copy the menu from their restaurant haha...

  13. mmmmmmm magnifico hehe.....its that like a salm fish? i like the kangkung one....thats my favoirite hehehe

  14. OMG...look so stomach is making noises right now...

  15. The fish is really yummy yummy !!

  16. "In the name of God"
    please add my link.

    (Thank you)

  17. waooo look like delicious food

  18. hmmm sarap naman nang fish head soup...

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