Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Fried Kuey Teow 槟城炒粿条 @ Lorong Selamat, Penang

Will explain in 1 sentence:
Best Fried Kuey Teow

Never tasted anything better than it


24/7 crowded with people. A couple of tourist too. =/ Hate waiting but love eating... Can't help it. I waited for 1 hour before my food arrived *.*

I find this aunty being super cool. She fries kuey teow with a specs on =) *thumbs up*
Tada...Felt so satisfied! Aaaaaa*hunger pangs* Love the PRAWN, so juicy & fresh! Seriously love it! But just to warn u...u really hafto wait!

Price: Rm6.50

Kafe Heng Huat, (beside private parking lots)
Lorong Selamat,
10400 Georgetown,
Pulau Pinang.

Operating hours:
11.00am-5.30pm (Closed on Tues)



  1. YEAH! seriously this is the best CKT in whole of Malaysia! The prawn are just super duper big LOL

    Last time I also waited for an hour. Grrr >.< But TOTALLy worth it! Haha

  2. I was in Penang the other week and i end up discard this CKT from my eating schedule. Coz i heard it is a little overrated. Now judging at the photo..MAN...I REGRET BIG TIME !!! huuuuuuuu

  3. if not mistaken, this d famous JieMei kueyteow

    another auntie at Swatow Lane also wear orange sunglass - who was called Lin Ching Sia kueyteow

    both equally best~!

  4. do you know what chemical ppl put in to produce kueh tiaw? try go see how factory produce kueh tiaw and see if u still like to eat kueh tiaw.

  5. the prawn intestine not dig out right? so the prawn cannot be eat. if got pull out the shit, then should be ok.

  6. Wah! The prawn! Now rarely can find so big prawns in kuey teow!!! *love love love!!!

    @john, once in a while eat kuey teow with chemicals won't die one. Besides, the polluted air around us is already killing our brain cells. Eat while you can! Plus, prawn shit got problem? :S ??

  7. hey John ... go other place lah kakaka ..u freaks ...no kueyteow for u here kakaka~

    jus kidding ..who cares!

  8. i love fried kuew teow especially those very spicy one !!

  9. RM6.50 a bit pricey leh~

    i think Lin Ching Qia one at Swatow Lane better~
    can go try try, i think only the Auntie or his tall boy son was there to fried the Kuey Tiaw

  10. Ee, I thought the uncle's one is the most famous? I've been there! They're really cool! all wear specs one.



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