Friday, 1 January 2010

Pancakes 慢煎糕@ Lorong Bangkok, Penang

A.k.a Apom Balik/ Mi Chang Kuih / Ban Chang Kuih (慢煎糕). This stall sell the best Mi Chang Kuih I haf ever eaten in my life! They have a variety of choice to choose =)

This uncle is really "professional" when it comes to making the Msian Pancake~ Plus his really friendly too!

U can order a plate of corn pancake for only 90 cents!! Worth filling your stomach with such a price~ In addition, it smells really the aroma!

I recommend u guys to order the banana pancake. It's really nice! TRUST me guys~ *stoamach groaning* The crust is super duper crispy!!! And furthermore, it's only worth RM1.00!

Price: Listed above

Lorong Bangkok
10250 Georgetown,
Pulau Pinang

Operating hours:
Morning till evening

Ratings: 7.5/10


  1. omg ... this reali killin me lehhh
    damn yummy~ truly my favorite
    geeee... the last shot was damn convincing!~

    well done bro... luckily got my stomach filled

  2. Is it along the road one? Along the intersection?

  3. to live life: Yes along the road..along the intersection..same shop as the famous indian mee goreng!

  4. ommmm love families special timeout is pancakes....

  5. OMG! Gonna try this out if I am in Penang!



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