Sunday, 29 November 2009

Kuching Laksa & Sarawak Mee Golok 古晋叻沙 & 砂朥越干捞面 @ Taman Megah, PJ


Today i'm gonna introduce my friendly neighbourhood's Sarawak noodle to all of my fellow msians! Being famous among the locals in Taman Megah, this shop has been doing extremely well for the past 5 years. The operator of this stall originates from Kuching, and thereby bringing over Sarawak's renowned delicacy all the way from the east.


This is the Kuching Sarawak Laksa. It has eggs, chicken floss, prawns, and their hand-made Sarawak noodle. U can either choose to put their hand-made noodle (highly recommended) or bihun. It is advisable to eat with their home-cooked sambal + with some lime. Yummy!


Close-up view.


I guess what customers love about their "product" is actually the noodle. The springiness of the noodle gives the impression of Maggi~ness, and the smoothness and chewiness of the noodle's texture is just too iresistable.


Their other preferable dish is the DRY, KON LOH MEE. As usual, i always order both sarawak laksa and the dry mee. It taste best with the sour-vinegar chilli. It has char-siew, minced-pork, some spring onions, and also the famous yummy~licious springy noodle.


Close-up view.


Makan time~~ =)

Small plate- RM4.50
Big plate- RM5.00

Restoran Gembira, (opposite the large foodcourt ming tien)
Jalan SS24/8,
Petaling Jaya,

Operating hours: 7am - 1pm

Ratings: 7/10


  1. Hi there! I'm from Kuching and Kuching Laksa is my all time favourite! If you have the chance, try some Kuching Kueh Chap! When it comes to Kuching's delicacies, you should never miss Kuah Chap, Laksa and Kolo Mee! hehe >_<

  2. To be frank, I have never tried Kuching Laksa before...just Penang Laksa...coz Im fr pg...

    Hi, theeggyolks...u are from kuching! hmmm...nice nice! will definitely try some sarawakian delicacies real soon...


  3. haha... Yummy from KL, n Licious (me) from Sarawak! yaI LOVE KUCHING LAKSA TOO!!!! n Kueh CHap n Kampua!!! hahaha...

    Live Life: u must try Our Kuching Laksa seriously! really v nice nice!!! If u couldnt cum to Kuching... nvm, go to this Restaurant Gembira at PJ Selangor, they make good laksa too! n d kolo mee very Q too! haha

  4. I'm going to kuching gonna try some authentic kuching koh loh mee



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