Friday, 4 December 2009

Wantan Mee 云吞面 @ Restoran Hong Beng, OUG

Well, i guess this food no need introduction hah... Unless u guys are not Msians.... Anywayz, wantan mee is my most favourite food! Yummy~licious ler!

This wantan mee store at Restoran Hong Beng sells a variety choice of hawker food. However, they specialise mainly in wantan mee (obviously like duh~)

This couple are rather one of the most amicable operator around OUG as far as i know. Their efficiency in doing their jobs + friendliness = hunger pangs customers

A variety of yong tau foo that u could add to ur meal~ MMmMMMMmmmMMmmm

It's done! Pick some sour-vinegar green chilli, add some charsiew + some noodle - enjoy & savor the yummylicious black-sauced noodle!

To add on, i think the uniqueness of this meal is their charsiew. It is less burn & has less fat (leaner meat).

By the way, the reason why I came here is actually to try their prawn dumpling (虾水饺). It's delicious, TRUST ME K! Their wantan mee is rather similar to most places.

Besides that, do not even try leaving the shop without trying their 3 layer milk tea (三色奶茶)! This uncle is a pro when it comes to making it~

Last but not least, I will like to specially thank "dai ga jie" (boss of actually Restoran Hong Beng, Sun Sea & New Sun Ho) for belanja~ing our lunch (that includes the seafood porridge, curry mee, and wantan mee) bcoz we blogged about her restaurant. I'm starting to love food blogging!! (such privilege)

Price: Listed on 1 of the picture

Restoran New Sun Ho, (opposite OUG market)
Jalan Hujan Rahmat,
Overseas Union Garden,
58200 Kuala Lumpur.

Operating hours: 7am - 2.00pm
Ratings: 5.5/10


  1. I think if u want to eat wantan mee !! muar is the best place for u !! muar is my hometown !! the wantan mee is really very very nice !!

  2. The shop name reminds me of Singaporean singer Sun HO. LOL! The prawn dumpling looks yummy!!

  3. wowww.. looks nice..
    and the LIUs!! crunchy!! =D

  4. i would like to try this wanan mee too..because it's one of my favourite food..hahaha..i always likes wantan mee..

  5. YUpPiEE!! WANTAN MEE best food in Msia!! haha... haf a try ya~ especially the dumpling!

  6. 3 layer milk tea from sarawak d...but i try here d taste still d same...

  7. Wow, that uncle and auntie are like the 'icons' of OUG, everyone knows them haha

    You should also try the wanton mee in the coffee shop located diagonally across from Sun Ho. That one's got good texture :)



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