Monday, 7 December 2009

Restoran Taiwan Noodle Hse (hand-made noodle) 台湾手工面 @ SS2

PPl used to tell me that ss2 is the land of milk and honey. There is plenty of yummy food over here. Hmm, see for ur self ya!

This shop has a variety of choice to choose. They haf only 1 similarity, all of them use the same, hand-made, Taiwanese Noodle.

This it the curry chicken noodle (DRY). It has curry chicken + potato + tauge topped with some spring onions. The curry is somewhat OK~ but the noodle is absolutely unbeatable! It is healthy too - preservative free!

Mixed with some soya sauce and ur ready to go~ =)

This is the SiChuan Beef noodle. I personally tot it was ok, but many customers rate it as the best. I guess personal preference ~

This is the pork chop beef soup noodle. The soup is a little similar to the SiChuan style. Bdw, u could add their home-made sambal-like sauce that would make ur meal taste a whole lot better.

This is my all time favourite at this restaurant - their pork chop! It's really crunchy n they marinate them wif such great savor~ yummylicious, PERCAYALAH AKU!

Price: Listed on 1 of the picture

No. 20, Jalan SS2/61, (Same row as Mc Donald)
47300 Petaling Jaya,

Operating hours: 8.30am-10pm (Tues-Sun)
8.30am-5pm (Monday)

Ratings: 6/10


  1. why monday open until 5pm only? because of pasar malam?

  2. curry mesuan d best....

  3. haha thanx for the comments!
    click urs already.
    walaweiiii! why so many delicious food here. damn.. haha.. ;P

  4. Hmmm~ not to sure baby about that... Probably bcoz of pasar malam haha...

  5. The Sichuaw version looks great..i will give that one a try



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