Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Loh Mee 罗面 @ New Sun Ho, OUG

Here comes another hochiak food of the week -

The uncle & aunty are really good in making this fatty noodle! Their business is fairly good as this fatty noodle called loh mee is proven to be one of the best around town... Hmmm let's explore a little ~

I guess their teamwork is really the main factor in maintaining such high quality food.加油!!

Daaadaaaa..... this is the product of their hardwork! It is best eaten while it is hot. It looks delicious, but it taste even yummier~~ TRUST ME!

This thick and fat home-made noodle is their secret weapon! The texture is smooth, slippery, and soft!

Another very important element that adds to its flavor is the prawn. It is really fresh! Furthermore, it is so worth buying this bowl of loh mee as they give u 2 BIG prawns (u pay only RM4.50). Besides, the well-marinated pork meat is fantastic! *drooling*

Finally, do not even try eating them without adding few ml of soya sauce vinegar (醋).
Deep with some home-made sambal and the loh mee will rock ur world n blast ur mind off!

Price: RM4.50 / bowl

Restoran New Sun Ho, (opposite OUG market)
Jalan Hujan Rahmat,
Overseas Union Garden,
58200 Kuala Lumpur.

Operating hours: Morning (not sure bout exact time) - 2pm

Ratings: 8.5/10

ps: Thx to the boss of Restoran New Sun Ho. She promised to belanja us makan if we blog about her restoran~


  1. The best Loh Mee i've eaten! Thanks to eatmakanchi.blogspot.com, i've come to try this. It's fantastic n more than just delicious. Thanks! =)

  2. A MUST-TRY by EVERYONE considering its fantastic price!! Price: RM4.50 / bowlPrice: RM4.50 / bowlPrice: RM4.50 / bowlPrice: RM4.50 / bowlPrice: RM4.50 / bowlPrice: RM4.50 / bowl

  3. Yup Yup haha~ will present more hochiak food in the time to come...juz tune in to http://eatmakanchi.blogspot.com/ !!

  4. loh mee need depend on skill lor...some rely terrible taste i try it at KL ss2 thr..

  5. i always visit this store whenever i come to oug and their loh mee is always the best for me =)



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